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TAX & LEGAL CHILE is an independent legal Law Firm providing full highly qualified tax and legal services to both local and foreign clients in Chile. At TAX & LEGAL CHILE we are able to safely counsel our clients in all the key areas of a general Law practice, plus complex tax planning matters, and also to provide outsourcing services such as accountancy, payroll and management and business counsel.

Our Firm has a multidisciplinary professional team that assures the best results on the legal and tax counseling, both locally and abroad.

Furthermore, our Firm is not subject to any type of restrictions to represent and/or defend our clients before the Chilean IRS or the Courts of Justice. We usually work side by side with our client's CFO, CEO, Regional Managers, Country Managers, Head of Risk, Head of Internal Audit, Head of Tax, Head of M&A/Corporate Strategy, Head of IT, Head of HR, Head of Corporate Relations, Company Secretary, and Comptrollers. Our legal advice is key for the client to get the best view of the real situation of the business, optimizing results and keeping risks and contingencies of Chilean and foreign operations under strict control.

Our independence assures that risks and contingencies are under control. Our international knowledge and contacts allow us avoiding double taxation payments, on our client's benefit.

TAX & LEGAL CHILE truly makes a substantial difference where:

(i) We are highly specialized fully bilingual attorneys at law providing world class services to both international and local clients with more than a decade of practice in Chile. Because we are legal counsels, the client-lawyer privilege remains in full force.

For further reference regarding client's privilege, please click here

(ii) Prior to joining TAX & LEGAL CHILE, some of our members used to work with the commonly referred to as "Big 4" auditing firms. This, assures that we have the expertise required for any international or local tax and/or legal engagement.

(iii) Because TAX & LEGAL CHILE is an independent Law Firm for the purposes of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other similar regulations, no restrictions areapplicable to our clients concerning SOX.

(iv) Our billing rates are fair, because it is our policy to avoid unnecessary teams or staff in each engagement. Our partners are really involved in each project and are the main contacts for the clients at all times.

High Quality, Opportunity, Confidentiality, Integrity, Indpendence and a Strong Relationship with our Clients are our core business. We trust that TAX & LEGAL CHILE will soon become your main legal & tax counselors or your best preferred service providers.